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ErrorUnit.Interfaces Namespace
The ErrorUnit.Interfaces namespace contains classes for extending ErrorUnit; allowing developers to integrate their own logger or IoC interception and make them compatible with ErrorUnit.
Public classaErrorPrecondition
Abstract class for creating an IErrorPrecondition, please inherit from this.
Public interfaceIErrorInfo
Error Info
Public interfaceIErrorPrecondition
Error preconditions; Used to record the conditions that lead up to an error.
Public interfaceIErrorUnitCentral
IErrorUnitCentral Interface
Public interfaceCode exampleIInjector
Standard Interface for ErrorUnit to work with IoC Dependency Injector. The Interceptor is attached to the IOC container; You will have to add the appropriate DLL and using statement for the IInjector you are using ( it will be named like ErrorUnit.Injector_... followed by your IOC library name).
Add this where you define your IOC container:
ErrorUnitCentral._Injector = new ErrorUnitInjector();
Public interfaceIJsonSerializer
Interface for ErrorUnit to uniformly act on JSON Serializers
Public interfaceILogger
Standard Interface for ErrorUnit to work with your Error Logger; add ErrorUnitCentral._Logger = new ErrorUnitLogger(); where your application start code is.